Q: Where do take these photos?
Wherever I go. I live in the US Pacific Northwest, so many of the photos are from that area. Many of the photos are taken from hard-to-reach locations, and to me they're more precious because of that.

Q: Do you have more natural images, other than those featured on your site?
I have thousands of photos, but I try to keep the number on my site at any one time to a manageable number. I often add or change the images - check back!

Q: Can I put a link to your web site on my web site?

Q: Can I use one of your photos on my web site?
That depends on the nature of your site, what you plan to do with the photo, how it will be displayed, etc. All of my images are copyrighted, so please ask me before using a photo for any purpose.

Q: Can I use one of your photos in a publication I'm working on?
Again, that depends on the nature of the publication, etc. Please contact me: jonathan@leyphotography.com


Q: Do you have a screensaver? or wallpaper versions of your photos available?
I am working on a screensaver/wallpaper CD-ROM. I will have more information posted about this soon. Contact me for details: jonathan@leyphotograhy.com

Q: Can I get a higher-resolution version of one of your photos?
I will be offering a screensaver/wallpaper CD-ROM soon. If you need an even higher-resolution image for some other purpose, please contact me.

Q: How often do you update the photos on your site?
Regularly... I like to keep fresh images in the mix!

Q: Do you have packages of cards available - such as "all flowers", "all mountains", "all wildlife", "all waterfalls", etc?
I am working on this, and hope to have details soon. Conact me, or check back soon!

Q: Where can I learn more about the locations and/or subjects on your photos?
All my cards include some information about the subject of the photos. If you have a specific question, please feel free to contact me.


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